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I don't like accepting help. it can be so hard sometimes #AndThatsWhoIAm

for some reason this is me in math and sometimes science o_O

Me all my life it could be nice to have a friend it would be nice to have someone to talk to it would be amazing if a had a life to look forward too so thank you people who could have been there for me but wasn’t bc they were busy with the people who actually have “FRIENDS”

All of this is so true! I can't believe that I can relate to every single fact except the long hair

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ahh candles, the windows open on a rainy cool october night, and a good movie :)

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and that's who I am

Then I had children and then grandchildren. I'm so thankful I programmed my young mind with expectant thoughts of how wonderful it is to have children. It really pays off to do so consistently.