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Honestly the only thing that would actually scare me is the sudden screech. I dislike loud noises unless it's music I'm listening to.

Phone Guy hears himself, Purple Guy was NOT ready for Freddy, Jeremy's self esteem takes an even larger dip, and Mike loses it

That is how we all know purple guy is a murder

When your older sibling takes the last slice of pizza

Aw, poor Freddy. Mike, stop being so mean!

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"A" for Affort

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Random FNAF 2 requests by Rebornica

mike schmidt fnaf rebornica - i don't know whats going on but i'm still pining it XD

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Every time a guy teases my friend, the teacher tells him not to, but when my friend punches him as a response to the teasing, nobody says anything.

Vincent: only one? Everyone:... Mike: what a SOUR situation Everyone:MIKE

But the lemons kill everyone.

You Talkin' Shit by Tina-Sapphire on DeviantArt

Everybody is scared of Billy Meanwhile, Fritz don't give no shits None whatsoever Phhfft xD Fritz is a boss as bitch FNaFs & Characters belong to Sc. You Talkin' Shit

Five Nights at Freddy's and Pokemon poem

Image via We Heart It https://weheartit.com/entry/.  So much power for such a small person to handle

Tummy rubs by Pumpkinfay on deviantART- Adorbs!

I'd too be confused ._.

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Security guards with their childrens form

Words of advice from the trusty security guards of Five Nights at Freddy's

Mike jermy and phone guy actualy have good advice, purple guys advice is only…

why does old chica remind me of roxy

Fnaf old vs. New comic Hah the marionette is so me.

"No Mike don't!" "I DONT CARE JEREMY" and look at the teddy bear in jeremy's hands

I honestly imagine Mike going on to being a cop after the events of FNaF 1 for some reason. Might not implement that into my fanfic though since he will be involved.

This is GOLD. It definitely TRAPPED my attention. They should really SPRING into action more suddenly, for a jumpscarey effect.

FNAF Springtrap and Golden Freddy comic on deviantart

pffffffffff chorradas, que no se queje springtrap que bastante guay es

Five Nights at Freddy's

Quick practice before moving to the next commission. Don't leave me here please, it's dark, cold, lonely...

Quick practice before moving to the next commission. Don't leave me here please, it's dark, cold, lonely. Me: I wont leave you foxy. Me:I love you Foxy! Foxy: I love you too