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Paris-based photographer Little Shao (aka Thinh Souvannarath). Awesome pics of ballet dancers bringing art into everyday casual clothes on the city streets.

담아간 이미지

드림팩토리 그림공부봇 on

Dancers have a lot of upper body strength, flexibility and control! I've always been very flexible but have a hurt wrist right now.

Maddie this girl is soooo gifted

Dear maddie you are amazing some people think you are a brat but I don't think so Comment what you all think. Maddie can you teach me to be a dancer like you it's been my dream sense I was 3 years old😋😋😋

Июнь – идеальная физическая форма

Gymnastics, Ballet, Nastia Liukin, i wish i could do stuff like this!

The world is a stage.

this photo captures my three favorite things: the moon, the beach, and dance.

Tanzen bedeutet auch Vertrauen und Verbundenheit - in/mit sich, den eigenen Körper und seinen Partner

ex-stream counter balance. this is a counter balance at its finest. two people working together using body weight and strength to create a perfect piece (pose).

A body that moves.

“ Flexibility training is perhaps the most undervalued component of conditioning. Flexibility refers to the ability to move joints through their entire range of motion, from a flexed to an extended.

Resultado de imagen para gimnasia artistica tumblr

Resultado de imagen para gimnasia artistica tumblr

ballerina by JenAush on 500px

ballerina by JenAush on 500px

The Ballerina #dancephotography, #dancemotivation

The Ballerina #dancephotography, #dancemotivation