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something was changing inside her, like how grey stains rainclouds except.this wasn't a storm. It was colors and kisses and honey on her lips. She tasted better than fire whisky, and daisy knew that had to mean something

Baby girl please don't cut, I will be with u I promise for as long as u need me ur everything to me and if I loose you I lose myself

Cute drawing I cant wait to have your head on my lap again.tracing your lips with my fingers.and your eyebrows just staring at you.

Concept Art Illustration Bad Girl by Kyrie

My first Commission, this character is 'MABINOGI Heroes' character. Thank you 'Biscotti boy' ♡ photoshop cc Nov

I would love something like this - but a life more of my features and maybe a hammer or a ruler in her hand :D

It’s a girl thing (24 photos)

I always loved the idea of a pin up girl tattoo- mine would not say girl power on it however part of sleeve