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Pink and Green Mama: * Splatter Paint and Watercolor Outer Space Picture Project

splatter paint and watercolor outer space project. -I would include chalk smudging and perhaps cut the planets from spin art as well

solar system project

This month we have been starting our study of the solar system in my classroom. When I taught in a Montessori preschool about a decade ago, I had purchased the book Exploring Space from Evan-Moor.

solar system poster

Solar System Poster

solar system Explain the impact of objects in space on each other including: Sun on the Earth including seasons and gravitational attraction Moon on the Earth, including phases, tides, and eclipses, and the relative position of each body.

Solar System Unit: Phases of the Moon Oreo cookie activity!

Solar System: Space Unit for Grades 1-3

This solar system packet contains printables, crafts, hands-on activities and so much more!

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simple hello kitty card - might have to do for birthday card for girl may do for national card swap day Cars


Experience real science with a hands-on project you can do at home! Here is a project you can help your kids create. It is educational and fun at the same time. This project was created using FolkArt texture paint.

Solar System Model Project -                 Welcome to 5th Grade with Mrs. Studivan!            2012-2013

This FloraCraft Solar System Kit makes it easy for children and adults to work together, constructing a model of our solar system and learning scientific facts about the sun and planets in our solar system.

Painted solar system

Bubble is fascinated with planets and has been for quite awhile. I had grand plans of us making a solar system to hang in her room, but o.