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solar system poster

Solar System Poster

solar system Explain the impact of objects in space on each other including: Sun on the Earth including seasons and gravitational attraction Moon on the Earth, including phases, tides, and eclipses, and the relative position of each body.

Pink and Green Mama: * Splatter Paint and Watercolor Outer Space Picture Project

splatter paint and watercolor outer space project. -I would include chalk smudging and perhaps cut the planets from spin art as well

Solar System Work (Photo from My Montessori Preschool)

Montessori-Inspired Solar System Unit

My Montessori Preschool: Our Solar System. Links to printable solar system coloring page. Jack was proud of his solar system!

Exploring the Solar System, Kindergarten.   Beginning with the Sun & working out towards Pluto, learn fun facts along the way. Planets & objects made with construction paper. Each student makes one too and will have his/her own set at the end of the unit!   Write a fact on the back of each piece!  This is my board from this school year (2012/13)

Weekly educational Craft Just cut out the basic color/shape of each planet, write its name on it & hang it in its proper order from the sun (light fixture) in the hallway!

Orbiting Planets

What better way to learn about space than to make your own Orbiting Planets Solar System! This is an easy printable space craft for preschoolers on up!

Solar System - Printable solar system posters, coloring sheets, and sun-earth-moon orbiting craft

Outer Space: Solar System - Printable solar system posters, coloring sheets, and sun-earth-moon orbiting craft

My kiddos hard work! 3D Solar system, thank you pinterest for the idea... oh and my hubby helped too! I used a projector, and a solar system worksheet to project the large circles on to butcher paper.

Large circles on to butcher paper. All students helping create the stars with cotton buds. Small groups research and write up planet info and present to others as a 'gallery tour'.