Red Gate on a 17th Century House, Tuscany, Italy

Century House, Tuscany, Italy photo via theworld. Isn't it amazing how some homes get more beautiful with age and some just fall down.


Spending time in Venice was my favorite pass time. The most beautiful city on earth, trust me, I've been to so many. The Green Door, Venice, Italy(Favorite Places I've Been)

With wisteria......beautiful

I have always wanted wisteria growing all around my house. Wisteria seems to love to live. It climbs onto everything like a beautiful, needy flower. Smells great too

A Village Lane in Brittany France

Love the look of the potted plants arched over the arch of the window opening. Arch and Flowers, Cordoba, Spain.

Фотообои Дворик

Pitigliano (Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy), old typical house by Claudio Giovanni Colombo, via Shutterstock

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SEASONAL – SUMMER – a boat ride on the lake is part of summer in the beautiful weeping willow canal, clitunno, italy, photo by ricky david.

Les Baux de Provence, porte d'Eyguieres, historical entrance of the medieval village, on the pic - France.

bouganvilla and stone walls

i love wisteria. when i was growing up, my grandparents had a huge bush of wisteria in their front yard, and it was always so beautiful in the spring, and smelled good, too! i miss them and that wisteria bush.

Улочки Италии - Путешествуем вместе

Olive Oil Store Front - Medieval town of Spoleto, Umbria Region, Italy

Мy world

passageway to the sea - isle of crete, greece. I love me some Greek ideas. Also this passageway has been in a dream of mine but there were photos on the walls.