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Cat Portrait by mario jerz, via 500px

This shot is for Valerie.Hope you like my cat shot!Have a great Friday.

a friend posted this wee cat getting a bath, so i followed the link and there are many photos of this cat that i am IN LOVE WITH. what kind of kitten is this? please someone tell me!

It's so cute and fluffy! I want an exotic short hair/persian just lie snoopy

Those eyes

paper done with Prismacolor colored pencils and a little acrylic white paint for the ear hairs and a few stray hairs. I called this city skyline because of the reflection in her eye.

What's black, white and green and wants to go home with you?

I don't know to who to give credit to for this picture, it's Gorgeous.

this cat is amazing.

orange tabby norwegian forest cat -- real life Cheshire Cat -- I want one

cat... looks like Millie with her ear snipped

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Odin - Maine Coon kitten

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Awww what a beauty

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Sand Cat (Felis margarita), also known as the sand dune cat, is the only felid…

Love This Kitty! - 14th November 2014

Cats: Sand Cat (Felis margarita), also known as the sand dune cat, found primarily in true desert and has a wide but apparently disjunct distribution through the deserts of northern Africa and southwest and central Asia.

Russian Blue Cat Temperament,Personality and Grooming - Annie Many

This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life animals are so amazing. They take care of there babies in ways that cannot be explained un like some humans.

My Momma is the Best

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