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Jace) guys I have some news.for Hayden, Cait, and Kit Kat

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Emmett, a lock screen image of Lucian's.

Hello, I'm Andy. I can play the guitar and sing. I'm seventeen and at times I'm not the nicest of people, but I guess none of us are perfect angels.

Dear Cute Guys, Go to my school please. Sincerely, Loner Girl With No Cute Guys At Her School.

"Madly attractive people..." by unicorn-kid ❤ liked on Polyvore not te 1d guys they suck

Just take the member out and all these people are attractive

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Mms zdechly pies

Mms zdechly pies

will probably never leave this website... <3 my life has absolutely no EMO GUYS!

will probably never leave this website. my life has absolutely no EMO GUYS!

*Waves awkwardly* "um,hi my name is Josh,I'm 16 my power is I can build anything if I have the material, and just make the blueprints in my head. *sigh* a lame power, I know…"

Kind of like a hipster Christofer Drew


Like your hair, glasses and piercings

Why is he so cute

this is the style I want once my hair grows out

jjjjeeesssuuussss i love this

Hey guys~ I’m sorry I’ve been so inactive on here. I’ve been so damn busy leveling on Pokemon GO 😅 But my hair is silver now~ I honestly don’t even remember if I uploaded any of my blue hair.

Ugh, I love him!!

Johnnie in glasses ❤️

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Emo boys

Emo boy, nerd glasses, and an eminem shirt.

Inspiração de cores de cabelo

Adorable Emo Boys, pinned for the hair

Just Emo Boys

Just Emo Boys

I have that same shirt!

I have that same shirt!