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… old-cut diamond flowerheads suspended from the diamond foliate line to the knife-edge and collet backchain, with fittings for a tiara, brooches and …

The Countess of Moys' Cartier tiara is now part of the Albion Arts collection, Japan...... but it get's time out to take part in exhibitions

The Countess of Moys' Cartier tiara is now part of the Albion Arts collection, Japan.

The Strathmore rose tiara, given by 14 Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, to his daugher Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon when she wed Albert, Duke of York, on 26 April 1923

Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (Queen Mother), entitled the Strathmore Rose, c.

Tiara design by Garrads bespoke designer Corinna Pike.

Fit for a Queen

This tiara is now owned by Sarah, The Duchess of York. It was purchased from Garrard's and given to Sarah upon her marriage to Prince Andrew.

The York Tiara. The diamond diadem was selected by Sarah,Duchess of York, herself and purchased from Garrard's by the Queen

Late 19th century diamond tiara. All things considered it's probably best that I don't own this because, you know, I'd wear it all day every day.

A Late Victorian Diamond Tiara, comprising seven graduated lozenge shaped old cut diamond cluster

Creation: by Cartier in 1902 using diamonds supplied by the Duke of Portland  Materials: diamonds set in gold  Provenance:  Winifred, Duches...

Portland Tiara, Cartier, 1902 ~ Owned by the wife of the sixth Duke of Portland, Winifred Anna.

Known as the 'Belgian Scroll tiara', this beautiful piece was made by Henry Cossmans for Princess Josephine-Charlotte, daughter of Leopold III and Astrid of Sweden, when she wed Jean, Gradn Duke of Luxembourg, on 9 April 1953.

Luxembourg: Belgian Scroll Tiara - 1953 by Coosemans Jewellers. A wedding gift to the Grand Duchess Josephine Charlotte of Luxemburg from the Societe Generale, a French bank. It is now worn by her daughter-in-law, Grand Duchess Marie Teresa.

Antique Tiara (sapphires, diamonds).

SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND TIARA. Designed as graduating open work foliate scroll motifs set with brilliant-, circular-, single- and step-cut diamonds, highlighted at the centre with cabochon sapphires, circumference approximately fitted case.

King Edward VII Ruby Tiara, Sweden (early 20th c.; made by E. Wollf  Co.; rubies, diamonds, gold). Also called the Connaught Tiara.

The King Edward VII Ruby Tiara of the Swedish Royal Family -- 1905 - wedding gift from the king to his niece Princess Margaret of Connaught who married Crown Prince Gustof Adolf of Sweden

Three belle epoque tiara, circa 1900 on ward, by Chaumet that are something of a mystery. The top one reminds me of a  slightly flattened version of the Talhouet tiara, but the other two seem to have vanished without trace.

Chaumet Imperial Diamond Tiaras for Empress Marie-Louise, she was an Austrian archduchess who reigned as Duchess of Parma from 1814 until her death. She was Napoleon's second wife and, as such, Empress of the French from 1810 to