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Seems legit.

Oh god Undertale is consuming me help It is too late. There is no going back.

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I adore Papyrus. He's so sweet and I want to be his friend! maybe no spaghetti.

Frisk, who told you you could fly?

Undertale/Adventure Time Crossover, where Flowey is Hunson Abadeer, and Frisk is Gunther

Mettaton knows what kids need< I had a feeling where it was going with Flowey.....

Mettaton knows what kids need< I had a feeling where it was going with Flowey. they are gonna bake a cake!

Papyrus Caught a Human by DragonWhisperer15.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Papyrus Caught a Human by on DeviantArt So freaking CUTE! I love Sans and Papyrus! Undertale is such an amazing game

Okaaay! I know this took a long time for me to put up! But here is the sequel to the comic of "The Dream"... The Dream was just kind of an intro anyway not too long after they all came to the surfa...

Reset Page 3 Undertale/Comic/Sans/Papyrus/Frisk/Sequel/Fanart

Reset - Sans and Frisk - comic (2/3) - http://nintendonut1.tumblr.com/post/132587878628/reset

Sad- My Question is why does everybody think Sans has depression? I think he has a pretty happy life, but honestly!

Not completely out of left field... I like it! But what Human would he have fussed with? Not Chara as Asriel takes their soul, nor is it one of the 6 souls as their souls are all accounted for in the end... So who?

I guess I'm going to dig a little bit deeper and find some W. Gaster info>> That. I accept this theory