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Richard Hammond. There he is ladies and gentleman, lets give him around of applause...

Jeremy just gives up when Richard starts eating it. There are two reasons Richard's nickname is 'The Hamster'. His tendancy to eat paper when he is upset.

Jeremy, James, and Richard looking very grumpy

“This is a photograph of Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin taken outside the actual house in Yalta where they met.

a crowded room of ghosts

Animated gif from Top Gear of Jeremy Clarkson flipping off James May and Richard Hammond. A very big part of top gear.

The Craziest Things Jeremy Clarkson Has Ever Said on Top Gear

The Craziest Things Jeremy Clarkson Has Said on Top Gear

Top Gear - I love this show so much.

I love Top Gear. Not Australian Top Gear. Not Top Gear USA. The best and original Top Gear.