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it is the season of Aloes in full bloom all over the Western Cape. in gardens, along the roads parks. how wonderful to be in Cape Town.

thevintageloser: ☼ daytime looks // nighttime inspiration ☾

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Agave attenuata- would love a line of these somewhere in the yard - not in a heavy trafficked area.

Камера Обскура.

E X T R Δ C T by Matt Sklivas Love the gorgeous dark foliage offset by a right angle slightly off frame.

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ryandonato: Duncan Loughrey This is my Dad - my favourite photo by him :)

photography - simply aesthetic

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be still my heart.

Soft green/blue colour - pasty L’Eucalyptus – Notre green touch’ de l’Hiver

Here at the jungalow, the use of plants to liven up a space is paramount–but that doesn’t always mean that the plants have to be rooted in soil to have an amazing, freshening effect. Try using a large leaf in a glass vase to elicit the same result. It’s also a great trick to use while …

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