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heck ya!

Finally a quote for all size women

It takes all kinds of brightness to turn a home into a warm and welcoming place. Hang this illustrated print in a high-traffic area and watch as the smiles increase exponentially. Printed on quality art paper, it'll provide a daily dose of inspiration and then some! Available in three sizesOpaque art paper

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Gotta Get Fit, Fit, Fit

Surround yourself with the people who believe in your dreams. Those are the people who will uplift your spirits and keep you positive. Be done with the rest.

A brilliant illustration of what we photographers deal with all the time...

It's not the camera that takes the pictures, just as it's not the stove that makes the dinner. You can have a cruddy camera and still take good pictures.and you can have an amazing camera and still take cruddy pictures.

This always works for me...jump off the merry go round for a little while and let your head stop spinning!

Great advice:) Even when all else doesn't fail, take a nap! I love naps!

One year of hard work to reverse a lifetime of bad habits? Seems worth it.

Fitness Stuff One year of hardwork to reverse a lifetime of bad habits? Seems worth it.

I'm not a materialistic person about anything. It's the thought that is more important, not the object or how much it cost or whether it is has designer label on it.

The right guy will see you as the diamond, and keep the table fresh every day! For any girl I would pick a field of flowers. For the right girl, I would plant a field of flowers M.

...Blessings in stone

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