Pretty sketch

Sketching by May Ann Licudine(Mall, Filipino) she provides a link to her video of this sketch {traditional,

bruised but not broken

Art of May Ann Licudine sketchbook style idea?


Pencil Character Illustration by Soyoung Kim ( Soyopanda )


Girl drawing / Disegno Ragazza - Art by Yamiaki on deviantART

Daily Sketchbook 2011-02-08 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Diabolical by Natalie Shau Chris Ryniak Characters

dark entity - Google Search

There is two types of spirits in this universe, the light and the dark. Shadow was light and Angel was dark.

"Cut" drawing. by May Ann Licudine #drawing

Illustration / "Cut" drawing by May Ann Licudine


Akiyama by Filipino artist May Ann Licudine, graphite on paper

JOY ANG — Originally drawn with a mechanical pencil, then...

joy-ang: “ Originally drawn with a mechanical pencil, then scanned and painted in PS ”

I’ve been having fun with limited colour palettes.

The Fantasmical Rhode Montijo Blog: It's The Great Halloween Compilation!

Rhode Montijo halloween sketches - Love the characters.


Online art academy, for pallet-knife style of world renowned artist Leonid AFREMOV

Erving: the Octopus  by ~UMINGA

Erving: the Octopus by UMINGA ink/coffee on Stonehenge

Tanto miedo por algo repetitivo, pero aún así la esperanza y la ilusion sigue

Alessandra Martinez (Drew Taggart story line)

pinterest || @chicagoqizza

Elf/fairy so cute!

Her curly hair is too cute!  I love how the bow plays with the idea of her being young and playful.

Cute drawing of a girl with a bow 🎀