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RM bts Wings tour final

Why did I almost cry, baby they helped me with my depression, fr like 2 hours ago I was in tears crying and then my Spotify started playing dope and i got hyped they have more than enough even having contact with me

When you're in a public bathroom and you're doing stupid shit in the mirror and the door randomly opens - GAG

at least we know that jk gotta baby boy kink lmfao

aye he got that baby boy kink n u know who's got a daddy kink amiright aye aye *wink wonk* *nudge* *nudge*

Jin is so extra #BtsJin #JinDadJockes #3rdFromTheLeft

I'm just tellin ya but no one stans BTS like Jin

They really ain't exaggerating when they said Yoongi is really pale

Roses are red Yoongi is white Ain't no sun can make him tan Cuz he be blocking all rays with his shade<<that was a beautiful poem

I don't know what's funnier, the fact that they have an egg shelf or the fact that Jin, THE CHEF, thought that it was possible for eggs to grow fur

Officially Seokjin is my new favourite thing ever. Protect him at all cost