why is he so attractive

Jayden is 16 and his power is Necromancy which means he can raise people from the dead and control them even though his power scares most people he is good but their still training as a villain even though he doesn't want to be one Is single, Intro?

#Jungkook #BTS | Bring this hairstyle backk

Imagine Jungkook praying that you'd be able to see him from the crowd of fangirls when he pass by you.


BTS shoots you with “THE RED BULLET” concert posters

Jungkook Top   Where taehyung and  jungkook enter a sexual , dangerou… #shortstory Short Story #amreading #books #wattpad

How can he go from being a cute lil squishy mochi bean child to hello your daughter calls me daddy too in seconds?

I'm obsessed with his frickin jawline :<

I mean is it necessary to make out with the bottle like that?