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LOL! Check this out Thata???s OK Castiel at least you tried

Castiel, your mother joke, I guess it's funnier when your mother isn't dead, lol

A MOTORCYCLE GANG OF HAGRIDS! Hagrid even has a motorcycle! TBH totally imagining Harry as a tiny Chihuahua with a little scar on it's head, tucked in Hagrid's pocket while on his bike.

"Oh you'll get socialized all right, a little slice like you?" "What do you mean?" "You're a regulation hottie." -Mean Girls

When i see really attractive people i just laugh because i know if we lived in the aztec culture theyd be sacrificed to the gods for their beauty

Mark Gatiss, killing people since childhood. <--This is so funny! This is why I <3 Mark Gatiss

Mark Gatiss has been killing his characters for as long as Sherlock has been solving crimes. --> X) Oh Gatiss.

Clever teacher

Omg that would be terrifying but that teacher is amazing for literally going into the vents lol

Funny tumblr post

I love Chris Pratt in pretty much everything, but Andy Dwyer is my absolute favourite based pretty much entirely on the fact that he *is* Chris Pratt.