Costume College dress rehearsal part II, the Tissot inspired 1871 dress

This second dress I hadn& tried on since 2011 and had already lost the original bustle that I wore with it, so I had to see if it still f.

A nice example of TV405 and TV325

layers in the skirt, some with embroidery or lace. Maybe bone lace draped over the black velvet. Or white ruffle skirt under the black, the black pulled up with ribbons.

Journal des Demoiselles 1880

December fashions in Journal des Demoiselles

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"A woman's dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view. " (Sophia Loren) - This is just an image collection of interesting impressions from the virtual world.

The story of Charles Frederick Worth, the Lincolnshire lad who became Queen Victoria's favourite couturier

Abito Vittoriano da Ballo Victorian ball gown in taffetà

Victorian Ballroom dress, Victorian ball gown taffeta and tulle, honey-coloured powder with bertha.