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Indian inspiration -   https://www.pinterest.com/r/pin/486248091001522971/4766733815989148850/01892f6afdfa5137ad02b4d2eb64f1d51e70242dfe0340d9ec5d4f29cd9551dd

A classic tote bag in a colourful avatar. Minimal detailing on the front makes this elegant style the perfect complement for the summer.

Indian inspiration -   https://www.pinterest.com/r/pin/486248091001522963/4766733815989148850/aefe6b606f694d2c02680c4bfd4a3892249f045fefe176883391bc19d49434e6

Get party ready with this stylish bag in black and shimmering details. An easy to combine style that can easily complement your evening dressy looks with ease.

Indian Clothes and Indian Fashion -   https://www.pinterest.com/r/pin/284008320231175235/4766733815989148850/e6f47f29390242cba8e5dff7e62ad2e2db5e7c637e0f5ddc3250f267b3b28b32

Add a touch of elegant colour to your looks with this pink leather bag that is perfect for all the essentials.

Inspiring -   http://ift.tt/2cBMRw9

A stylish complement to your traditional or casual looks, this ring featuring meenakari detailing and dangling chains is the perfect addition to your wadrobe!

Inspiring -   http://ift.tt/2dcyw7j

A stylish ring in a floral inspired pattern with open petals featuring meenakari coating in Black and Orange. Mix and match accessories with this style or keep it as one of your wardrobe staples.

Indian inspiration -   https://www.pinterest.com/r/pin/486248091001522961/4766733815989148850/8944050742a3465ac63cea3c923d67bbe8b0186bdd5db59051c0271e4945561c

Classic touches and elegant detailing on this pick-me-up bag. Perfect addition to your formal or casual looks.

Indian inspiration -   https://www.pinterest.com/r/pin/486248091001522974/4766733815989148850/9443f3a8c9107d5a89ea2468cde3658ac409fc6a284cb074d53c61270de5f049

Feminine colours are always instant hits, and this bag does not dissapoint. Functional and stylish at the same time, an essential pick-me-up.

Indian inspiration -   https://www.pinterest.com/r/pin/486248091001522973/4766733815989148850/5a5c9589cc7021c3c78be2b94a8af716b8e7f69f5224f777bedd826045bd25a8

A stylish addition to your collection, this gorgeously coloured bag is elegant and has oodles of feminine charm.