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FNAF SHIP : Freddy x Mike by MightyHamster

(Get the hell out of my face you fricking bear). I love this ship also! FNAF SHIP : Freddy x Mike

[Comic] I was never Welcome. by BelovedMeimei.deviantart.com.  The lore of five nights at Freddy's has always been more interesting to me than the games and I love when people spend so much time and effort on comics like this, so kudos to BelovedMeimei.

So sad *hugs Foxy* Happy birthday *give him a present of a new hook and eye patch*-- *puts tent in pirate cove to spend the nights with foxy* man foxy is my favorite!

BonniexFoxyxT.Bon - Let em Fite by SaitouHime145 on DeviantArt

ey Ey EY remember THIS? ahah I wanted moar yangire Bonnie plus dat lil' shiet bonbon too. so why not make em at the same tiem~ killing two bu.Bon - Let em Fite

Spring trap

Like how Bonnie said in question two of Ask the Crew, He doesn't like to get his ears rubbed and Freddy does it when he want's something or when Bonnie annoys him. BTW, Chica hearing it from the ot.

[FNAF] Happy Birthday / to.xsugarbunny by yangyangXD on DeviantArt

BelovedMeimei yangyangXD m///////m) I think today is xSugarBunny birthday so collab with mei! [FNAF] Happy Birthday / to.