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Royal Navy Wessex MK3 Helicopter underwater in England http://divingtales.com

10 Underwater Shipwreck Photos That Will Take Your Breath Away

From Great Britain to Palau, the Baltic to the Red seas and Truk Lagoon — wherever you find wrecks, you'll find scuba divers.

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Frigate Russian Koni class frigate built in She was purchased in 1996 by the Government of the Cayman Islands and sunk off Cayman Brac as a dive sight.

I want to dive with dolphins

Above and below, Curacao satisfies your appetite for something new.

Foto: AFP PHOTO / ANTARCTIC OCEAN ALLIANCESo sieht's von unten aus: Ein Fotograf im eiskalten Antarktis-Wasser macht Aufnahmen von einer Robbe.

The Last Ocean: Saving the Most Pristine Ecosystem on Earth

Scuba Diving Top 100: Best Dive Sites for Wreck Diving | Scuba Diving

Top 100: Best Dive Sites for Wreck Diving

The USS Oriskany aircraft carrier is the world's largest artificial reef

World’s most beautiful shipwreck: Haunting hull of Sweepstakes lies just TWENTY FEET below clear blue water of Ontario lake where it sank in 1885

Looking for information about scuba diving along Florida Panhandle's Shipwreck Trail or scuba diving in the Florida Panhandle? Check out Scuba Diving magazine's "Drive and Dive" all about the Florida Panhandle Shipwreck Trail.

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Majestic Diving Photography that will Give You Scuba Thirst fade to white BillabongWomens inspo

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