Getting my picture taken with the SPN cast at their convention is very high on my bucket list. It's worth spending the money, even if you only get to go once

I adore these guys! I hope to meet them one day, even just one of them would make me happy! But all I'd be a puddle! Lol<<<< I'd be a puddle before I could even say hi.

Such a heart melting op story. #JaxCon Jensen is an angel sent from heaven to touch lives. ~ SpookyNatural - I’ve struggled with a lot of pain, anxiety,... THIS, this is why I'm a proud, dedicated spn fan. So many special moments that happen between all of these wonderful talented actors and their fans.

I’ve struggled with a lot of pain, anxiety, depression, and self harm in my lifetime. I’ve left scars on my body I cannot remove. This pose was very intimate and very special to me. I’ve never been more happy with a photo than I am with this one…OKAY.

NJCon2013..."Clif has his own fans"... that's a pretty awesome picture :) ( Love the expressions on Jared's and Jensen's faces. )

Jared, Clif, and Jensen photo-op at NJCon 2013 this is literally the best thing ever!<<<<Thats hilarious!

This. Is one of the best things about Jensen. he's such a humble person and i have so much respect for him <<< preach it!

Jensen Ackles - "I'm getting hugged like 400 times." - Aaaaaawww<- I agree with Jensen Ackles. I wuv hugz.

Misha and Jensen photo op

paloma on

How tf is this possible I was a cheerleader and getting pikes to be this perfect was IMPOSSIBLE