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ME ME ME YES EXACTLY>>> THANK YOU SO MUCH THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I THINK. I cried during the funeral scene and it felt manipulative to use that very same scene to introduce their relationship

I fucking hate Sharon.

Bucky Barnes Steve Rogers captain America Sam Wilson the falcon captain America civil war avengers marvel mcu

Hey, do you think Marvel can release THIS VERSION as an alternate DVD, without the awkward romantic subplots?

Bucky Barnes, marvel, mcu, avengers

Bucky Barnes, marvel, mcu, avengers>>>> Bucky The Memelord

I'm still not over it and never will be. (Captain America: Civil War;Tony Stark; Steve Rogers)

>> Steve Rogers is a fucking bully.

Just marvel in general

I stumbled, tripped, and fell over the line of acceptable emotional investment with Chris Evans a long time ago.

This is accurate

This is accurate

Headcanon accepted!

Bucky checking alleyways for Steve.

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If by Avengers 3 Bucky remembers most things and then Steve dies in Avengers and Bucky is sobbing while holding his dead body and keeps repeating "but I just got you back.

Like I'm cool with Tony scenes, don't get me wrong, but it WAS Cap's movie and it was great but could've easily had another thirty minutes of relationship development between all the characters.

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Steve Rogers captain America marvel mcu avengers #saynotoHYDRAcap^^^^This is just really dumb people....#saynotoHYDRAcap

Steve Rogers captain America marvel mcu avengers is just really dumb people. <<< Mjolnir wouldn't lift or even move at all for a HYDRA agent!

I love this so much because I can easily see Tom do that. Hasn't the Black Widow movie been confirmed already?

I want a Black Widow movie so badly! But I want Chris to say "fancy fucking Brits" even more!

Is Dad Clint in this movie cause he needs to stop them from fighting (and where's Nanny Coulson when you need him)

Sibling rivalry ain't healthy y'all esp for my tiny cold heart.

I mean if you like DC that's fine, you do you. But I do have to agree with this.

This post has too much DC hate for me, but the first part is completely true, I love how in Age of Ultron, they were so focused on saving innocent people and not leaving them behind!

In a nutshell! I don't care how this whole storyline plays out, it is complete BS!!!

hydracap is bullshit and i’m glad that society as a whole has been largely completely disregarding its existence since its first announcement

#saynotoHYDRAcap Embedded image /// WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS?!  I am in denial...Captain America is forever S.H.I.E.L.D. and nothing can convince me otherwise.

Embedded image /// WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS? I am in denial.Captain America is forever S. and nothing can convince me otherwise. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!


A woman enlisting, but also lying about her age!