Magnus Chase

Anyone who hates blue is obviously not Percy. Yes, uncle Rick, you're a total genius. Oh, and Magnus is from Boston, so he isn't Percy.

Rick Riordan is hilarious! #percyjackson #greeks #romans

Greeks fight more slashy slashy, Romans fight more stabby stabby

The relationship between gods and their children!

Except with Zeus and Thalia. Zeus is realy proud of Thalia but is to proud (or scared of his wife) to do anything more than her stand next to him then look all smug.


oh ya! Go Percy! But I still like you as a character Jason. I hate how everyone hates on Jason or Piper. Just STOP, No hate Jason.

Percy Jackson Humor

Percabeth xD I habe a feeling that Poseidon would be an awesome father to have, just because he most likely would do hilarious things like this.

Zodiac Quotes, Zodiac Signs

Rick Riordan tweets ~ No! Anyone but the twig!

I feel like I have to ship the twig with Grover. we ship Jason with a brick!

See other fandoms? At least you don't have a cruel author who takes every chance to break your heart!!

Yes other fandoms shut your mouths and stop complaining you have it good. Read the PJO and HoO series and you will know true pain. And yes we all have to deal with Rick Troll Riordan.

Leo is my doctor

Leo, I love you, you like Doctor Who, please marry me. We can watch Doctor Who together. And Nico I would totally watch Danny Phantom with you.