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You turn my software into hardware :'D :'D :'D

You turn my software into hardware :'D :'D :'D

I cant tell you how much I love sterek they are so adorable. and thes… #fanfiction Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

I don't ship Stiles and Derek personally but I do ship Issac and Scoot and this is funny so I pin it 😋 - Juju

I'm not a Sterek shipper, but I can totally see Derek doing this to Stiles.

Yes you did, Stiles! Ahaha this is lovely xD As you can see, I am in a sterek mood. A sterek and wolfstar mood.

teen wolf im playing on the field - Google Search

Teen wolf - Derek and Stiles . OK so they're not a real couple, but I love these two together on screen, they should be brothers on the show or at least best buds!