" headcanon that garnet loves to color "

" headcanon that garnet loves to color "

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My kokoro is broken with these scenes. o<-< I needed to draw them, and maybe I will draw other scenes soon idk Rose, Amethyst and Pearl.

a comic based off these theory: lapis-against-bs.tumblr.com/po… theinfallibleoptimist.tumblr.c… I love this theory so much I had to make a comic Lion / Pink Pearl, Pearl, ...

Next~ Previous~ hey whoah so sorry about this being months late? This is a mini comic I should have updated it a while ago, but I had lost motivation for it and plus I have to keep rewo.

PLEASE keep putting your theories for who shattered pink diamond in the comments! They're really interesting

I still think yellow diamond could of shattered her. She was being awfully defensive<== same but if we know Rebecca sugar, yellow d was being too obvious I could have been white diamond

J:tu solo me venciste porque eres una fusion- Fusion de tres gemas - Perla-un tiro -P:que decias?

Pointy Mom Lover>A Product of a Threesome voiced by Nicki Minaj

Home world gems suck! But anyway the "three gem fusion is only a 2 gem fusion between garnet and amethyst <<<< technically it's a three way, Ruby, Sapphire, and Amethyst