"Then in flies a guy who's all dressed up like a Union Jack." Mick Jagger draped with British Flag to emphasize the British music Invasion

Mick Jagger Goes Hollywood

Mick Jagger Goes Hollywood

The Rolling Stones legend is juggling production duties on multiple film and television projects -- including biopics of James Brown and Elvis and an HBO rock 'n' roll series with Martin Scorsese.

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10 momentos en los que las rayas marcaron la historia de la moda y estilo

sadlittlebaby: “ born-english-raised-american: “ Mick Jagger enjoying being 21 ” god, just kiss me ”

Mick Jagger by Lynn Goldsmith I love his picture he has got a little Jim Morrison going there.

Photographer Lynn Goldsmith is renowned for her ability to capture something intimate in every portrait, as illustrated by this shot of flamboyant Rolling Stones vocalist Mick.

Mick Jagger: The world's most entertaining great-grandfather?

Mick Jagger: The World's Most Entertaining Great-Grandfather?