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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @tanosan96 !! I’ve always wanted to... - Whale buy gold✨

I’ve always wanted to draw Guardian Dipper from Zero Gravity and now it’s a good timing to do so. Like, just the very first time I saw his design I fall in love.

This would need few more...

wow much Dipper The leftmost one is Dippy Fresh in Fight falls(also called Kippy fresh) The red eye next to him is Kipper The rightmost one .

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So Zero Gravity Dipper smokes? :O | Tano's Art Blog

Anonymous said: So Zero Gravity Dipper smokes? :O Answer: Zero Gravity Dipper is an adult so yes he does sometimes~ It relax him

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“Siblings AU” is a Gravity Falls AU created by and me. In this AU, Reverse twins, Fight twins and Classic(Original) twins are 6 siblings, they are a few years older and are college students.

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“If you’re someone lost in Zero Gravity Town. Between a Guardian who trying to protect you, and a kid who want you in his team to ‘make the world a better place’. ” – More art for Zero Gravity AU~ Dipper’s sword’s sparkling like.