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The German Shepherd

aww but no.

This is how Dex looks at me when he knows hes done wrong lol

This is true when ever one of my Pac takes my things. oh that's right, it's not mine, it's their's

True. This is very heartwarming.

GSD aww looks like me and abby

German Shepherds

The German Shepherd Dog Community.

LOL #German #Shepherd

LOL #German #Shepherd

Funny Doggos

OMG the ears on the second dog, truly amazing!

Places Shiba Inus don’t belong…

Funny pictures about Places Shiba Inus don’t belong. Oh, and cool pics about Places Shiba Inus don’t belong. Also, Places Shiba Inus don’t belong.

From my GSD FB Page German Shepherd Dogs Australia. https://www.facebook.com/German.Shepherd.Dogs.Australia?ref=tn_tnmn

Adorbs or what

❤ The German Shepherd

Commercial Dog Food Companies and Lawsuits for Damages

Security system enabled

Security system enabled

German Shepherd - Strong And Loyal

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Do you love your German Shepherd? They are special dogs!

Missing my German Shepherd Darcy

Cool photoshopped animals

Cool photoshopped animals~> k so the snake/lobster is literally a snobster

The German Shepherd

I'm the person that steals the dog. plays with the dog

Chew Chew is extremely loud. Makes me jump every time!

Chew Chew is extremely loud. Makes me jump every time!

German Shepherd #Dog Shares Bed with Baby

German Shepherd with baby.