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Because Misha Collins is an effing terrific actor

Because Misha Collins is such an amazing actor that he literally played as Jimmy Novak, Castiel, and Lucifer and you would STILL know the difference.

Misha Collins as Castiel

Misha Collins as Castiel>> I love how Mishas hair went from really light brown to like a dark brown/black

Phases of knowing Misha: 1. Not bad actor.... 2. He's pretty cool! 3. What the hell is this Meanwhile-Misha thing and why?? 4. The manymanymany aspects of the Misha-humour :D 5. Loving!

Phases of knowing Misha: Not bad actor. He's pretty cool! What the hell is this Meanwhile-Misha thing and why? The manymanymany aspects of the Misha-humour :D Loving! I'm not sorry for pinning so much Misha Collins here!

Lol Jensen talking about his daughter Justice Jay- "Uncle Jared" awww

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Put them together: X-men and Misha. Result? This ♥

Let's double check. Misha is.under dark hair, scruffy, nerdy, funny, and WINKING. Plus XMEN tee.

This is Hilarious! Share Share Share! ~Supernatural

(Gabriel) about Jared: ''You genetic freak! I was polite with you being tall, I can deal with you being handsome, but perfect hair? Damn you to hell!

Bahahaha. Best faces ever. >> Misha Collins & Jensen Ackles read Fifty Shades of Grey

Cas & Dean reading 50 shades of Grey. I read this book and in on the second one. But not the reaction I expected Dean of all people to have