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(C) k-Marcy TMNT                                                                                                                                                     More

(C) k-Marcy TMNT I like the art style and this episode was adorable.


IDK if that's his real birthday, the 2012 version only or if it means for every Donatello in existence.

The feels...TMNT                                                                                                                                                     More

So I come downstairs to my sister bawling her eyes out and I was like “Oh my god what’s wrong?” And my sis looks up at me and says “They killed off Master splinter.” I walk outside and scream “WHAT DA FUCK NICKELODEON!

インテ新刊②サンプル【擬人化】 [1]

Ok let's just stop right there we all know that even as humans these four look hot as hellfire. An also look at April's face I do not think she was excepting that. Master Splinter just looks like a father who wonders what he did wrong which was nothing.

Tmnt selfie

TMNT Forever --- omg, look at splinter, he looks like, so concerned about it…