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Photo: Things that you might find attactive.. #Horoscope #Zodiac Follow for more!! xD

Photo: Things that you might find attactive. >> You can also use your moon and venus as well

Even tho I'm a Virgo lets just say that I'm Harley Quinn

FAQ What are the specific birthstones for Leo? – Leo Birthstones are sunstone and black onix What are Leo birthstone colors?

When your in all caps for using your head and not your heart. I'm not sure whether I should be glad or offended?... #Virgo

Change Zodiac Sign Cancer to Cancer Free! Why the 12 Zodiac Signs are Evil. Cancer ♋ Zodiac Sign<<<I'm a proud capricorn

Hilarious, and True!

Aries and Sagittarius. I'm Aries my friend is Sagittarius and we would be playing paper volleyball in the back and Leo (my other friend who's a boy) would be flirting with EVERYONE and my Gemini friend(s) would skip class

Signs: say it/don't say it

FAQ: What are Aquarius Birthstones? – Aquarius Birthstones are rock crystal and blue topaz. What are Aquarius birthstone colors?

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