I read clothing in the same voice as "Highliiights!"

Well, SOMEBODY had to make Jefferson's fabulous purple coat for Act II.(that's totally my head canon, btw)


omg i was at the school dance, and on the song request sheet i wrote "guns and ships" like 20 times. they never played it.

and i always forget that people can't really tell all the voices apart the first time they listen to it.<<<yeah I used to be that tiny lil kid afraid of musicals noW I BREATHE THEM

Lol you only hear the good things about Jefferson up until you start listening to this musical and he's the enemy

Finally I can post this, before it said a curse word -ha ha why did you even take it out in the first place it was fineeee the way it twas-

I think Burr would prefer Hell over Heaven w Hamilton, tbh<-- Agreed, but why is my smol hammy in heaven?

More like friend #2: (all thing listed ) me: *newsies tickets* friend#1: *Hamilton Tickets* me and friend#1: nod of approval

More like friend (all thing listed ) me: *newsies tickets* friend *Hamilton Tickets* me and friend nod of approval