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hindi mo naman ako kailangan makilala..all about me...and hindi ko naman ikaw kailangan makilala all about you..kasi your not part of my life and i'm not part of your life..

If they don’t know you personally.


And I'm proud to have the amazing Crona as my pin. She's amazing and I can relate to her character and this quote! WE LOVE YOU CRONA!

Ich bin der Typ Person, die versucht alle zum Lächeln zu bringen, aber wenn ein Lächeln brauche. Ist niemand für mich da.

Yato/Yato-God ~ Anime: Noragami poor yato, we've all had that feeling.

Anime : angle beats

It is am I finished this anime yesterday and I'm trying so hard not to cry! My feels!

Anime Quote

Anime Quote

I will keep it all inside if it means you'll be mine

I will keep it all inside if it means you'll be mine

IMPERFECCIONES son belleza, locura es genio y TONTO es mejor que aburrido

Imperfections, madness and silly quote

Anime:Kimi no nawa

Como romper mi corazón parte 2.

Leo Baskerville and Elliot Nightray / Pandora hearts