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Let's be specific, coffee is usually a good idea; decaf coffee is always a good idea.

Here's to making #resoutions for the new year! @kpulioff, I know that this year is your year to ONLY make one pot of coffee per day. *snickers*  What are your writing resolutions?  #writing #resolutions #2015

Warning: Coffee has given me unrealistic expectations of productivity. LOL so true.

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Happiness is important in a perfect life right? Coffee is my happiness! Happiness, how to be happy, happiness quotes


We definitely agree! "Good ideas start with brainstorming. GREAT ideas start with coffee.

Yes!! #coffeelovers

Yes!! #coffeelovers

For if you do not, you get no crime fighting badassery :)

Batman signal light art Bring coffee ☕Coffee♥Craft☕ Ed Pires coffee art graphic

Love My Morning Coffee ☕ Oh...and U if you bring ☕;)

Si me traes café sin tener que pedírtelo. ~ If you bring me coffee without having to ask. I LOVE you.

Coffee . . . There's no better brand than Javita! Looking to lose weight? Try Burn and Control. Looking for sharper focus, tons of energy? Try Energy and Mind. Want to be smart and skinny? Drink em both!

OCD: Obsessive Coffee Disorder - for all coffee lovers. Waiting for the Italian coffee machine that my mum is sending me xxx love you mum

That's actually a time in my world

Discover and share Tuesday Morning Coffee Quotes. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love.

I would have to say more often than not! #Coffee picks you up while #People can tear you down. #CoffeeDoesntJudgeMe

% of the time. Coffee don't judge coffee don't complain coffee don't want nothing from me coffee is my best friend coffee only one that understands me

I don't hate my job, but this is fairly relevant most mornings

Coffee, because hating your job should be done with enthusiasm. ~~ yeah I had those days where 5 shots weren't enough so it became necessary to have coffee before and after lunch break