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Pictures of Steve Jobs's products: NeXT Cube and NeXT Station

Apple Computer Macintosh Classic II

Apple Computer Macintosh Classic II - Soy un nostálgico!

The NeXT computer was used by Sir Tim Berners-Lee to devise the World Wide Web and acted as the world's first ever web server.

The NeXTcube. Probably the most amazing computer of it's day. I want one just to play with for a week. Its operating system lives on in Macs, iPhones, iPads, etc.

NeXT Cube

NeXT Computer Unboxing, Twenty Years Later


Original Apple iPhone 1983 - designer Hartmut Esslinger, the same guy who made the Apple IIc computer, came up with this phone/tablet prototype. More pictures of the original iPhone here.

Vintage Macintosh

Macintosh Home Computer - Apple, Inc., Steve Jobs and Jerry Manock