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Zodiac Gemini facts.

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Gemini and the inner you.

Definitely a trust fanatic! Understand my emotions, though, so don't waste time on that. Not afraid to fail at most things, but don't like failed relationships. Definitely feel like a solitary warrior.

maybe i am a #Gemini... ♊️ except to those living with us. They know we're grumpy. LOL

Zodiac Gemini facts — Gemini may not always understand what they feel or be in a good mood but they will make sure they keep it cool in front of people. They wear that hat very well. Yep-I'm a hot mess on the inside!


There is not a more true statement out there to be said then this about Geminis. When I get mad, things come outta my mouth I've never even thought of before.my god where did that even COME from?

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Horoscopes Quotes : QUOTATION – Image : As the quote says – Description pay attention t this clue.when REALLY upset -

Gemini . Perceptive. Bright. Interested.

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While a Gemini might seem inconsistent in their opinions and ideas, it is usually because they can easily see multiple viewpoints of the matter at hand. Nothing is ever written in stone, for the Geminis are truly a free soul.

Oh, help those who love us!!!

Gemini requires a lot of patience and understanding but they do understand that because of the conflicting way their mind works, this is not an easy task for the people around them.

So true, just because that's how you think something should be doesn't it make it right, and the more you push it the more I start to distance myself from it.

My Gemini daughter!

Very true!!

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Gemini Geminis actually make great organizers even though inside they may be a bit unsettled. They are also masters at changing up plans on the spot.

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It's their problem, not yours.

Understanding a Gemini.

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my preference, not my reality. Don't be a Hypocrite when Judging. Life Fact we may All want to live by.

Zodiac Gemini facts.

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This is so true it’s freaking scary

This is so true it’s freaking scary