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“we have to do the ritual before we eat. giving you a tight hug, mmMMMM~ …you…

"Does Juin Han is gay?" pt.9

mighty-sevenzeroseven: “ jumin-tramontina-han: “ mysticmessy: “ 😂😂😂 Source: ig creds: kuro-neko 208 ” That’s what you get for teasing people recklessly~ ” I’m not even mad to be honest.

artist credit is cool kids!

Immagine di anime, 707, and mystic messenger

Immagine di anime, and mystic messenger

Mc, 707, and choi 이미지

Mc, and choi 이미지

HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY “ Kodomo no Hi (Children’s Day) is a Japanese national holiday which takes place annually on May ” Kinda weird cuz the Choi twins live in Korea… (゜▽ ゜″)

Luciel - MC [3/4]

Luciel - MC [3/4]

Imagen de mystic messenger

707 is a special muffin who must be protected at all costs

I want to protect you too.

mystic messenger image on We Heart It

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 Saeran my dude, I feel ya

(Mystic Messenger) and Saeran


(Mystic Messenger, 707 x MC)

kill me, my heart cant take this

into another dreams:


Big hug - together

Selfie with Saeyoung!

mystic messenger, Mc, and luciel choi image