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Fritz knows. Fritz sees all. Fritz can explain. mostly everything. Disclaimer: All images and videos...

Snowy Night, Brighton, England photo via brianna. looks nice in snow. also good/ moody lighting from lampposts

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon - visited here regularly in my elementary years. last visit


I have quite a fondness for trees. Trees in design of all kinds and trees in photography too. This form of photographing trees is a favorite. I think that it's very creative and lends a unique,

Weeping Willow ~ Photos Hub

Another beautiful gift from God.Weeping Willow -- a favorite of mine in Summer & Winter This is just sooooo beautiful.

Hokkido Japan Blue Pond and Spring Snow by Kent Shiariashi

packlight-travelfar: / Blue Pond Spring Snow,Hokkaido, Japan Photography by by Kent Shiraishi)

a perfect gray: wishing you all the best...

I love fresh snow that hasn't been walked on! A View of a Snow-Covered Bridge in the Woods, by Richard Nowitz


Beautiful Winter Photography from Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis Travel Gurus…

Yvonne Byatt's Family Fun: FUN IN THE SNOW IDEAS

Ice Star Lanterns - Invented in Norway, where winters are frosty, comes the fascinating Ice Star Lantern mold. The product, is star-shaped with a center cavity in which a candle can be set after making the frozen lantern.