Priceless you hardly ever see a bad picture or a moment caught off guard of Princess Diana

Princess Diana in priceless photo: you hardly ever see a bad picture or a moment caught off guard

Dress handler Graeme Murton guards Princess Diana’s wedding dress under the strictest of royal rule. With ten-thousand sequins and more than one hundreds of yards of tulle building skirt, it’s an incredibly intricate gown but appears light and delicate in person.  The dress travels in a tall wooden crate, wrapped in a cloth. It’s packed away without any accessories, like the 25 foot long train or the jeweled tiara and veil. The gown has travelled the world as part of Diana: A Celebration.

July Lady Diana Spencer marries Prince Charles at St. July Lady Diana Spencer marries Prince Charles at St.


Lovely Princess Diana: Side-by-side-Princess of Wales and Duchess of Cambridge on their respective wedding days. The wedding dress for Princess Diana and Kate Middleton.

Princess Diana wedding dress close up

29 July Prince Charles marries Lady Diana Spencer in Saint Paul's Cathedral. Princess Diana wedding dress close up

I'm not going to have a veil... but Kate's was beautiful.

Father of the bride Michael Middleton lifts the bridal veil from his daughter Catherine Middleton's face at the commencement of her wedding ceremony to Prince William during the wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey on April 2011 in London.

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Princess Diana: A Rare Photo. Perhaps it is from a personal collection? As Diana would say: "A Happy Snap!

Vivendo e Aprendendo: Casamento da Princesa Kate e Príncipe William.

Prince William looked amazing! Like a Disney Prince (minus the bald head :S) but I was disappointed with Princess Kate and her dress fail.

La robe spectaculaire de Lady Diana mariage

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Royal Wedding -- Princess of Wales Diana Spencer -- The young Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles in London's St Paul's Cathedral in

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Princess Diana 6/21/91 Gulf War parade in London

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