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Purple Guy blushed by CandyGroove92.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

*blushes too* ^^^ Must be somebody smexy *cough* Phone Guy *cough cough*

Hehehe Not ashamed to admit it. Though Mike comes at a close second.

Out of nightgaurds, yes. But marionette is my favorite animatronic/doll thing

OK EVERY ONE DO NOT LAF OR HE WILL KILL U!!!! ^^^ Pfft! I can do better *Smooth Criminal plays* *facepalnts* Nevermind

Me: ( claps) man Vincent you are definitely a smooth criminal. Vincent/ purple guy: I swear I will kill you in your sleep, Mike. Vincent and Mike glare at each other.

FNAF | Tex RefSheet by Myebi on DeviantArt

EDIT: Remade the drawing reference, and changed some things in his description! His old design really started to make me ashamed of my art lol X//DDD AL.

fnaf - Google Search

fnaf - Google Search

Five Nights at Freddy's Dancing!

Vincent was such a lovely child. Crashing his parents dancing stuff