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Luffy for the captain! Then Nami is the vice captain ^_^ *thumbs-up!* One Piece

Zoro will always be Luffy s sidearm :)

I'm gonna post this again cuz Zoro sees the potential and what he WILL be this was a really tear jerking moment for me

OMG i totally ship them so  hard

One Piece. its almost like they're a deadly, yet cute team. Also, it was only Robin who has seen Zoro's softer side with the kids in Water 7 after the end of Enies Lobby war, AND kept it a secret! Robin knows Zoro more than anyone

Anime/manga: One Piece Characters: Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji, THAT LITTLE KID DOESN'T KNOW ANYTHING!

Let a True Pirate Fix This

Let a True Pirate Fix This. I don't even watch One Piece, but it beats Disney Jr.