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The spoiled cake XD aww my little clumsy smol children

Bueno  aqui yo les traere los comics ,imágenes, memes de ladybug y ch… #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

Miraculous Ladybug Comics ,memes ,e Informacion.

Training | Miraculous Ladybug | Know Your Meme


Training | Miraculous Ladybug | Know Your Meme

Don't leave me Sorry I feel like angst today. you can trow me now from this fandom owo'' Don't leave me

Vocês esperaram quatro anos, e a gente que ficamos esperando desde o primeiro episódio. Hein!?

The Cat Ears. Miraculous Ladybug short dj they're drawn so cute especially adrein

I feel like the fact that Adrien is wearing the bracelet Marinette gave him is being over looked.

Bonding with the in-laws! part 1 <-- miraculous ladybug and cat noir

Mari's face in the first part is actualy me if this ever happenes

Just imagine if Adrien finds out first, he would slyly sneak up behind Mari and subtly drop hints, flirt and maybe throw in a few puns.

::Miraculous Moing:: — [1] ladybug future Au (eng ver) part.2-1 the...

::Miraculous Moing:: — ladybug future Au (eng ver) <<< I like the idea