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Winestein Glass - oh, this is a must have!

The Winestein Beer Mug Wine Glass, made from strong double walled glass, is the beer drinker's wine glass for when you want to drink wine - a wine stein. Winestein is an elegant wine glass on the inside and a traditional beer stein on the outside.

#vinho #wine #copo #portatil #vino2go

Vino2Go - Copo de Vinho Portátil

#vinho #wine #copo #portatil #vino2go

Tischkonzerte: Weinglas mit Stimmskala - Engadget German

Tischkonzerte: Weinglas mit Stimmskala

These Musical Wine Glasses play notes by running a finger along the rim of the glass. Gold lines on the glass correspond to the level of the liquid that cover a note octave from A flat to.

wine sippy cups for those of us who need it on the go! :) #WeFest

Stay classy with Sippy cup wine glasses. You know, for those times when you need your wine on-the-go.

Oversized wine glass--NOT!!!  I call this a just perfect sized wine glass!!!  I so need this in my world!!

Oversized wine glass--NOT! I call this a just perfect sized wine glass!

Wine Sippy Cups   OMG! This would work great to keep the fruit flies from doing the back stroke in your glass!

wine glass sippy cups, immediately thought of Margaret

You don’t need it – but you want have it

30 Things You Don't Need But Still Want To Have

Red Cup Shot Glass Set - I don't know how I feel about this. The point of the marks on Solo Cups is to tell you where to fill it for a shot, beer, etc. o_o Why make a mini solo shot glass?

Akenini.com - Photos Fun Décoration - Funny pictures Decoration DIY

Akenini.com - Photos Fun Décoration - Funny pictures Decoration DIY

Vino2Go | the no spill wine tumbler! #Vino2Go #winesippycup For more visit: store.theproductfarm.com @Matty Chuah Product Farm

This is awesome! The tumbler - insulated wine glass with lid- for the tailgating wine fan!

Would you use this calorie counter wine glass??

because really, "who cares?"The Caloric Cuvee, The Calorie Counting Wine Glass, measures wine in easy 2 ounce increments while allowing you to see the correlated calories. But who cares?