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Yes I do

Freshly baked meme for you

the whole cast if supernatural is prefect.

Castiel face at the end Hagar

Dean, Cas and Crowley ~ Supernatural Fan Art >>> Look at Cas's face tho !

Frank, don't know who to credit, but dang... love the look on Sam's face. OK, just love Sam's face.

Journal of a Man of Letters - - The attention to detail in these are pretty amazing. Note Dean's bag of peanut m&m's and Sam's rosy cheeks. I mean, for real though. I love this fanart

Me and my brother too. Drive each other nuts too but in the end there is nothing we'd do for each other :D

This is the most accurate description of siblings ever.<<< So accurate. My siblings and I are like this

Charlie ❣️Supernatural Dean Charlie Star Wars parallel

"Charlie loves her big brother Dean".or, it's both charlie and Dean being Hans Solo ;

"Eat it Twilight!" Totally photoshopped but still great

Thank you dean winchester. You are definitely my hero. Twilight is terrible. i didn't even see that in the movie

destiel song edits - Google Search

I could never really deny it, considering I just have a casual pentagram on my jeans

Oh yes, yes it did. Pretty sure my loving husband reached over and wiped the drool off my chin. I'm not ashamed.

Well my inner fangirl lost it before, but yeah . I go crazy for men in well tailored suits. and this is DEAN in a well tailored suit.