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Jensen  Ackles  as  Dean  Winchester  and  Jared  Padalecki  as  Sam  Winchester  in  Supernatural  ♡

To NO ONE’s surprise, the Supernatural fandom was among the first to join in: They crave that mineral. -- im laughing so hard rn


Sam: "So what kind of thing likes virgins and gold?" Dean: "P." Sam: "You know, it's comforting." Dean: "What's that?" Sam: "I died for a year, came back, and you're still not funny." Dean: "Shut up, I'm hilarious." - Supernatural "Like a Virgin"

That's not gonna happen...

Sams face 😂😂 And Cas is like "I'll watch you!" And deans just embarrassed 😂 Sams loving this. And Cas loves Dean.

[gifset] demons of supernatural

caesaretluna: “ spnedit: Demons “ They don't want anything, just death and destruction for its own sake ” [angel version] ”

You are guilty of...something, which i won't tolerate...whatever it was. Supernatural: Crowley

Check this out

I love Crowley♡ I feel like I've done this before though. (:~ I feel the same way random person! Spread the word!

this may be the new greatest subtitle ever. [activates bitchface] sam from supernatural tv show.

[activates bitchface] sam from supernatural tv show. this is literally perfect.

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