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nerdfightersdontfightnerds:    Seeing John do things like this is just one of the reasons you should be watching Crash Course

Proper Seduction as Taught by John Green (GIF): 56 Life Lessons You Learned From John Green. John Green I& passing AP World History because of you! And ur funny.

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John Green is my favourite person. For those that don't know fishingboatproceeds…

too funny!

"You almost get the feeling from reading the [Twilight] that a woman can't whole until she has a strong, independent man to care of her. When of course, the fact is, a woman needs a strong man to take care of her like a fish needs a - John Green

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Seriously I saw a in my school wearing one of these shirts and from what I know he never got dress coded. Then again my school barely enforces the dress code.

Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down. I'd like to take a minute, so just sit it right there, tell you all about how I became Loki'd by a man named Tom Hiddleston. London England, born and raised. Playing Shakespeare on stage where he spent most of his days. Then he decided to play a villain named Loki, who was up to no good. Started making some trouble up in New York City. Got in one little fight with the Avengers, and everyone got mad... << THAT

This is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down.