I'm crying inside :(

I'm crying inside :(

Jesse x James, after a lot of thunder shocks and bolts, and explosions and all that, well, they deserve a happy ending themselves.

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Pokémon Humor ~ If you pay close attention to the first seasons of Pokémon, Ash didn't beat most of the gym leaders. He would fight the gym leader, Team Rocket would show up, Ash and the gym leader would defeat Team Rocket, and then Ash would get a badge.

Some of the greatest things I loved about Pokemon. Those stories, man... those lessons. Friendship and courage.

Thank you Pokemon, you helped save our generation

Some of the greatest things I loved about Pokemon. Those stories, man. Friendship and courage. I literally cried when butterfree left 😢

The perfect Pikachu formula.

I Waste So Much Time

The perfect Pikachu formula.<==but I love pachurisu even if o can't spell it's name <<< Mimikyu is my Favourite Pokemon 😍

The parents owe us an explanation

I've watched every episode of this, & forgot that lol. But I remember Jessy & James, team rocket fly's off again. That's funny they have an introduction song, then get blown away lol>>>>>>>>>>>> Who could forget Team Rocket?

pokemon memes who would watch a show about ash

when pokemon didnt suck! the tv series that is, don't get me wrong, the games are fucking amazing, the graphics at least.

Reason why Brock is my all-time favourite character in Pokémon <3 Misty in close 2nd

I want you to be my partner . hitting on every girl he comes into contact with. << Brock, such a savage