@Althea-Fifi Joans Oh. My. God. Did we not just have this conversation yesterday? O.o

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We started reading to kill a mockingbird in English literature and seriously I kept telling people I was reading to kill a mockingjay

I wish I knew

In the movie, listen very closely to her interview. People say that Caesar says 'thank you finch' she even has a line then too!

That would be my style of parenting

Hunger Games Problem Me: But, Mum, I don't want to eat that! Mum: There are starving kids in District Now,finish your meal

this happened to me when i was reading to kill a mockingbird.......true dat

I keep doing this in school just now because we are studying to kill a mockingbird. But my teacher loves THG anyway so it's cool.

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Of course he didn't. He may not be thinking about her non-stop but I bet a lot of things remind him of her. Like anytime he sees a bow and arrow. Or maybe even a simple loaf of bread, representing the boy who took the one he loved.

I don't even like the hunger games and I wondered that

Hunger Games Problems: You've wondered whether the Capitol aired the tributes going to the bathroom.<<<<OMG yes I thought I was the only one!

In English all the time..

OMG THIS IS SO TRUE when we read "to kill a mockingbird" in english class, I could NOT stop calling it "to kill a mockingjay" . now whenever i talk about mockingjay I get confused to if I'm saying it right .


And reading The Hunger Games while eating a sandwich on pita bread, and somehow knowing that it's some kind of sacrilege. Both the fact that you're eating while reading The HUNGER Games, and thinking about something eating Peeta, and cannibalism.