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This is not a specially designed birthday cake. It is not a palette too – it is called Clown Nudibranch. This bright and uniquely colored sea slug can be found in the intertidal zones of temperate southern Australia and northern New Zealand.

chromodoris roboi

Description of Chromodoris roboi : a sea slug from Reunion island (Indian Ocean)

Hermissa Crassicornas

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Nudibranch kabuğu olmayan bir salyangoz türüdür.

Multicolored Nudibranch Photograph by Mohammed Alsaleh, My Shot Generally oblong in shape, nudibranchs can be thick or flattened, long or short, ornately colored or drab to match their surroundings. Some max out at a quarter of an inch millimeters)

Limace de mer, Phyllidiella meandrina F.Trentin

Limace de mer, Phyllidiella meandrina F.Trentin

chromodoris tinctoria

Description and caracteristics of Chromodoris tinctoria find in Reunion island (Indian Ocean)