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I despise drugs that destroy lives and the environment! That goes for you too Freud. Perhaps his case studies only apply to users of his preferred poison. lol ID know I can say for certain that this drug and it's like are soul killers.

Humorous Juxtaposition Photography  Photographer Stephen McMennamy, in his collection gather under the name of #ComboPhoto, manages to juxtapose perfectly two photographs. He combines pictures which elements that composed it have in theory nothing in common. Result is perfectly executed and gives some humorous compositions.

Humorous Juxtaposition Photography

Stephen McMennamy, a creative director from Atlanta, takes two unrelated images and combine them together. He calls this project "Combophotos".

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Eugenia Loli - Mannequins & Robots Bipolar Undeniable Proof Fablebusters Ruby Storm Full Mooners Stockholm Syndrome Naive Honeymooners Artist Statement It’s im.

netherland / David van Alphen    art / design / collage / illustration / graphic design / rainbow / vintage / retro /

Netherland’s solo show that opens tomorrow night at Gallery San Francisco. {It runs from August ~ weird but i love it

Randy Mora |

Randy Mora

Randy Mora |